In less than one week, I will have my kids. One week to finish my classroom, to write lesson plans, prepare for the 73 students and lead my team to academic victory. This is hard, this is taxing, and this is exhausting. 

I'm excited to welcome my short people. But my current classroom view is stacked high with unwanted text books, piles of curriculum, and a to do that would stretch the length of the Mississippi River; twice. 

Synthesizing material takes me a couple of days, and right now I am overwhelmed with everything that will happen in the next two weeks. There are so many wonderful changes happening this year, but change is a little intimidating and there is so much pressure! My confidence level is acting bipolar: one minute I'm all, "I've got this, this is going to great" and the next I'm all, "Oh my gosh what am I going to do, this is too much I'm going to fail in a gargantuan and humiliating firey ball of suckitude!"

And then I breathe and the oxygen returns to my over stimulated brain, and I calm down and realize that it's going to be alright. My principal has my back, she chose me for lead because she knows I can do it, and I will improve this new set of lead teacher skills as I practice them. My team will be great. I honestly think that what is making me panicky is that I am suddenly confronted with a situation that I haven't navigated before. I've led a team of students, I've led peers, but I've never led peer adults, especially peer adults with years more experience than I've had. This means that I'm still learning how to lead my team, and how to work with and manage my adult peers. I love these ladies, and I am super excited to be working with them! Together, this is going to be the best 4th grade ever, and our students are going to achieve amazing results. 


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