This is it. This is the very first post! Now hopefully, you're reading this after reading many future posts, but knowing my prowess, or lack thereof, in blogging. This very well could be the alpha and omega post. Hopefully not. I've tried blogging before, but I've always ended up ditching the blog after only a few posts. Not to mention there's always been this teeny inkling of paranoia in the back of my head, butting in with anecdotes of teachers who have lost their jobs because of the contents of their blogs. Well, I won't be making the mistake of treating this blog like a private journal. I realize that the Internet is forever, and what I post here could very well be viewed by anyone at pretty much anytime. It's all sorts of timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly forever able to be viewed stuff! (Yes, that was a Doctor Who reference) So, without further ado, this ladies and gentlemen, completes my first blog post!

~Miss Watson


Loved your enthusiastic, motivating post!!! We are in for an awesome year!
07/24/2013 12:03pm


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