The other day I began my adventures with donorschoose.org I had mixed feelings about using this website. One reason was that, I never seem to be quite sure about what my school will be able to provide me with versus what I should ask for. Should I be asking for paper and pencils? I know last year, my school didn't have paper for weeks. A parent had to complain to the district before we received free paper! I certainly don't have the funds to purchase enough paper for my classroom. Should I ask for the academic items I would like, but that my school doesn't have? What about books? I definitely want to ask for some class sets and literature group sets! But what books do I need? 

Everything is a bit cloudy at this point. So, I asked for organizational tools for the classroom. I don't have the money to purchase these items, but they will directly benefit my students. We need organization. Organization helps create a routine and a designated place for each item. New brain science is showing that when students are stressed, they are physically unable to learn. You have to be in a calm state of mind in order to learn. Now, my students have enough stress in their lives, and it already makes everything a great deal harder. If I can teach them organization and self control, it will be one less thing that they have to worry about! 

So, I've asked for donations to purchase 3 things:

1. Pencil Caddies-these will hold all our supplies for each college group. This way we do not have to waste time looking for supplies since everything is within reach! Last year, we had a hard time with being responsible for our supplies, until I used some pencil boxes as caddies, (they were already broken and now are just plain falling apart, and my next resort is Kleenex boxes!)

2. Book Boxes! My students love to read, read, and read! And reading is a core tenement of our classroom. In order to maximize reading time and minimize library searching time, we need book boxes, aka magazine files. In these awesome boxes, students will put their "checked-out" books, so that they can continuously read just right books, without having to search every day. Each week they will go shopping for new books, and then store them in the boxes. Additionally, we will no longer have piles of books sitting on top of, and getting constantly knocked off of desk corners (and my students will have the full surface area of their desk to work with!)

3. An organizer! This may not be the most glamorous of purchases, but we desperately need an organizer for all those papers! I can have students turn in their assignments and practice work by subject, which will free up a lot of my time to plan excellent lessons for my kiddoes!

Also, I just learned that the Shusterman Foundation is offering half off right now! So please help my students out! Just over $100 to go!  And I promise, you will receive lots of love from 26 extremely grateful students and one delighted teacher!

If you would like to help out my students, please visit my donors choose page at : http://www.donorschoose.org/ashleyobanion THANK YOU!


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